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Heya! I'm J-Mi! 


I'm a 'FREQUENCER' or 'FREq' from the planet Dolce. My mission is to protect civilizations from evil. I serve as a major in the Legion Of Visionary Entertainers, or L.O.V.E. for short, an army of powerful musical warriors. 

We wear devices known as 'Frequency bands' around our right arm and we 'tap' them to generate original music at any given time. Where does the music come from? As far as I know, the 'Harmony Chorale' is where the power resides, however, we are merely the conduits for its energy.


36 years ago, on this little blue marble known as "Earth", Captain lost his life defending its people. With his last breath, he shoved away his most precious treasure, the key to uniting peoples, between two crumbling walls. 

Sitting between two wooden boards were a pair of dirty black loafers. I could sense a powerful energy emanating off of them. Something made me want to try them on, it was as if the shoes themselves were speaking to me. Would they even fit?

Slipping them on, they suddenly clamped down around my feet! I felt a connection and then, BANG! 

My hand suddenly shot up and slapped my frequency band, a funky disco track  generated and begun to play. My body tensed up and then begun to lose control. I've melded with the 'Harmony Chorale'! This was Captain's secret. Incredible.

I've been entrusted with the ability to connect with sound itself. I can feel it, see it, even speak to it!

This isn't a natural connection however, it's a bit unstable, almost prototype like, but, it works? I must protect them at all costs.

The next part of my plan is to create records of pop anthems, while also seeking out the help of this planet's LEGENDARY FREq's, whom are hidden amongst the other entertainers and celebrities.

Until our hearts meet FREq's!

Peace, Love & Magic,

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